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Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Debbie on 20-01-2012

Several of my dear readers already know this but I wanted to share with all of you so you’ll understand the lack of posts.  2011 started off with the death of my mother, followed by two aunts, and two friends plus a close friend and her hubby were hit by a drunk driver.  Not to mention the recession has hit us hard.  Needless to say, I haven’t felt much like writing.

However, 2012 is here and I’m hopeful that getting out on the boat will be better this year.  Although right now Salem Oregon is in an emergency flood stage so I may be boating sooner that I think!  We are hoping to be able to attend the Seattle Boat Show and that should fuel some posts. 

Thanks to all of you who’ve sent emails…even those I’ve only recently found!  My appoligies for the lack of posts.  New Year’s resolution….write!  So welcome 2012, life gave me a huge knock down but I think I’ve righted myself and my rudder is feeling a stronger bite.  Fair winds and good sailing pacific northwest, looking forward to being back out on the Columbia River!