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Filed Under (Boating Safety) by Debbie on 25-05-2012

Memorial Day Weekend often calls campers and boaters to our favorite water places.  We envision having lots of fun with family and friends.  Maybe we get to make the first run behind the boarding boat or haul up the sails for the first time this boating season.  It looks like we may have semi decent weather here in the valley and I’ve seen many families buying the food and drinks for the planned get away. 

So I thought I’d take a moment to get up on my soap box to remind everyone about my favorite boat safety subject.  Life vests!  It makes me sick to hear or read of some one dieing because they fell into the cold spring water without a vest.  Life vests are affordable, come in many styles and comfort fits from newborn infant to hugo big person.  Please, don’t go near the water without one.  Even if you just keep it in your hand it could save your life.

Let’s all have a fun and safe Memorial Weekend.  I want everyone of you back in front of your computers come Tuesday.