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Filed Under (Recipes) by Debbie on 30-07-2010

Sweet tooth bothering you?  Well a sailing friend told me about a wonderful caramel sauce that’s just too easy to make and tastes really great.  All you need is a can of sweetened condensed milk and a pressure cooker.  This sauce is great on a spoon, a chunk of semi-sweet dark chocolate, fresh fruit, cup of coffee and many other things too.  This is yummy and super easy as long as you’ve the fuel to cook for 40-50 minutes.

1 can sweetend condensed milk (or you can do as many as will fit in your cooker in a single layer)

water to cover cans to within 1 inch from the top of cans

My friends recipe calls for removing the lid and tying foil over the top, although I’ve since found it saying to open the top in two spots across from each other with the can opener and finish removing after cooking.

Remove labels and take your choice on the lid, place in pressure cooker and fill with water to within 1 inch from the can tops.  Lock lid in place and follow manufacture instructions for setting your 15 pound weight.  Cook for 40 (light color and softer) to 50 (darker and firmer) minutes.  Let cool on it’s own.  Once it’s cooled open cooker and carefully remove cans.  When cans are cool remove tops and enjoy!