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Filed Under (Boating Destinations) by Debbie on 24-08-2008

Free sailing blogs are avilable here, quick and easy to get.  Our weblog journals are for sailing, sailboats, spirited adventurers and those seeking exotic locations.  Stay connected to hand-wringing family and friends while you sail the globe.  Tahiti

Our system is easy to use so you don’t need to understand: code-html-php.   You can upgrade your blog if you choose but the basic, simple to use sailing blog is free.

 Due to the fact that I’ve had to delete hundreds of bogus blogs yesterday, you need is a user name and password to set up your blog.  Don’t dispare!  You simply need to email me Debbie(@)PacificNorthwestBoating(.)com and tell me what you’d like for your user name, most people choose their boat’s name.  I’ll email your user name, password and link to the login page as soon as I can.  This email could come within minutes or if it’s good sailing…well a bit longer.  Just remember, I don’t sell, rent or share your email information.