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Filed Under (Boat/Trailer Maintenance) by Debbie on 20-11-2010

Do you own or know anyone who owns a 1979 Newport 30 Mk II?  We’ve got a reader who is caring for an elderly lady’s boat and they need to replace the forward hatch.  If you own one and would you be willing to make a pattern for them?  If you’ve a spare one (yeah, who has that?!) would you like to get intouch with them?

 Please, let me know if anyone can help out with this problem.  Thanks so much all!

 Well, special kudos to Ed Simpson for kindly sending in what he did to replace his forward hatch!  Ed you’re a doll for going out of your way to get a picture and draw this up.  According to Ed:

“Here is the information on the Newport 30 hatch…need to emphasize that a cardboard template is VERY advisable for the sloped/rounded sections of the hatch at the front and back…otherwise you can get gaps and let water in.  I made the hatch square to
fit over the odd shaped hatch because it was easier…if you want to try the compound angles, have at it…”
Forward hatch Newport 30 MKII

Click picture to enlarge or line drawing below for ‘plan’.

line drawing