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Filed Under (Boat/Trailer Maintenance) by Debbie on 31-07-2012

We were luck to be able to take the sailboat out this last weekend.  The current is pretty fast still due to the runoff that continues on the Columbia River.  We had less current when we left the club but after we arrived at east dock for our weekend with friends, the current picked up.  At one point everyone was commenting on how fast it was.

It was a nice weekend as we had no rain.  I know right now other parts of the country are suffering with a drought but Oregon has been very, very wet.  So it was nice to stay dry and have the clouds burn off by early afternoon. It was just nice, first time this ‘summer’ we’ve been able to get out without rain.

On the way back to the club in tandem with our friends, I thought maybe they had a problem as they slowed down.  Then it seemed ok and I continued on, moments later they sounded their horn.  I spun around to find they were having problems with an over heating engine.  How often do you check your temp gauge?

After a bit of looking around they discovered they’d lost their fan belt, thankfully they had a spare aboard (do you?).  They changed it out while hubby and I stood by.  Made us think about our fan belt, it’s about 5 years old.  We’re thinking about changing it out while at the club.  Maybe I’ll change it out.  I understand how but haven’t done it and we all know: experience is the best teacher as there’s no drop outs!

Check your gauges, check your belts and always carry a spare.  You never know when you may need that little part and the tools to put it in with too!