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Recently a question was asked of those who race their Newport 30 sailboats:  “This is a question for the racers. I would like to see some set ups for where the cam cleats for the twingers are located and how the fore guy is led back. Newport 30 Mk III has a curved cabin. This means at least 3 fairleads on each side. If someone can send some pics that would be a big help.”  So while I don’t race my Newport the first owner did, thus he set up for it.  So here are pictures to hopefully answer some of those questions.

If you have any questions or comments about the Newport 30’s please leave them on the ‘Newport 30’ page.  Remember you can click on any photo to make it bigger.  I hope this will help all of you Newport 30 sailboat owners thinking about racing and looking for an idea for deck layout of halyards.  Again I don’t race but the first owner of our boat did…and he did quite well too!Starting at the base of the mast:  You can click on any picture to enlarge and please don’t tease me about being in the stinking mirror 🙂

Newport 30 Sailboat mast starboard side

Newport 30 Sailboat mast port side

Newport 30 Sailboat Halyards on Starboard to Cockpit

Newport 30 Sailboat Halyards on Port to Cockpit

Newport 30 Sailboat Halyards and Sheets Starboard Cockpit

Newport 30 Sailboat Halyards on Port in Cockpit