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Filed Under (Boater's Galley Companion) by Debbie on 10-03-2012

I have dear friends that raise chickens for the shear pleasure they feel and thus they have quite a few eggs to use or store.  I have been blessed to be on the recieving end and many dozens of eggs.  Then my sister begain raising chickens and the egg flow increased.  So finding a way to store them became important as I was fast running out of space in my fridge!

If you can get eggs that have not been in the fridge, all the better!  They are easy to store if you’ve a cool spot so something in our lazerette or garage is ideal.  All I need is some minerial oil and a pair of gloves.  I pour a small amount of oil in my gloved hands and smear it liberally all over each egg and back in the box they go.  I try to flip the boxes over each week as well.

I’ve heard you can store eggs this way for a very, very long time…my eggs haven’t haven’t lasted that long so I don’t know.  But for those of you wondering how to store/preserve eggs on your sailboat (or home) this has been working well for me.