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Filed Under (Boater's Galley Companion) by Debbie on 15-03-2012

If you are in charge of stocking up your floating pantry or even the non floating kind, you may wonder how much food you need to stockpile.  The length of time you’ll need to have the food will of course help you decide  how much to buy as will the number of mouths you’ll be feeding.

It always seems that I’ve too much aboard but I figure it’s better to have too much than not enough.  While it’s nice to have each meal decided on it’s not alway possible to think that far ahead.  So what’s the chief pantry stuffer to do???  First off if it’s just a long weekend it’ll be a breeze.  But if you’re going off shore or maybe living aboard thanks to the current dumpy economy you’ll want a much larger pantry.  Weight can/will be an issue.  I’ve found a web site that offers provisions I think may work well for those looking for longer food stores.  They offer a food storage analyzer, shown below. 

Food Storage Analyzerâ„¢

Hopefully, this will help you plan how much food you need to store in your pantry, floating or on terra firma.