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Filed Under (Boats and Boating Gear) by Debbie on 20-11-2010

Those of us who dream of distant shores, living and traveling aboard our sailboats know that fresh drinking water is as important as the ditch kit.  No matter how much tankage we have aboard it’s just never really enough.  Once you cast off and have to dingy everything aboard including water, you’re going to become very stingy with it.

Right now my hubby and I only get to cruise the “wilds of the Columbia River” here in Oregon and I’m always on him about the water useage when we’re away from the club.  I don’t have to dingy it aboard, I simply turn on the faucet when we’re at the dock and fill up.  Still, when we’re gone for 3-4 days I’m pretty stingy with the 70 gallons we carry.  I’m always doing the “what if’s”.  What if fog rolls in, we get too sick, there’s no wind and the engine dies…and we get stuck.  Laugh, I even have emergency food aboard just in case.  Because we all know the “wilds of the Columbia River” means we couldn’t find civilization within a few minutes hike or paddle.

Of course, I continue to dream of casting off.  We’re really hoping to at least be able to visit the San Juan’s this coming summer.  That all depends on how the economy does because right now it’s all just a grind to hang on.  Remember, we’re both in the housing industry and no one’s making any money there right now.  Yet, I continue to dream; it keeps me sane and focused.  So, I look at blue water boats and think about what I’d want on our current boat to make her truely a home for a long period of time.  At the top of that list is a watermaker.  You can visit my dream list if you want.

An easy to use watermaker with a decent amount of output per hour would be ideal.  However, the prices generally stink and those of you who’ve been looking will probably agree with me.  So I wanted to show you all something interesting.  A water maker created by a cruiser for those of us hoping to go or already out there looking for a replacement.  You can visit their site with this link.  I’d love to take a long hot shower while on the hook some secluded place in the San Juan’s and this might just be the ticket. So if you’re looking at watermaker’s for a sailboat or even a power boat you might find what you’re looking for at the above site.