Filed Under (Boat/Trailer Maintenance) by Debbie on 14-04-2012

This month we’ve managed to spend some time on our Newport 30 sailboat.  While it’s been nice to get time aboard it’s all been work and no fun.

We changed the oil and filter, changed the fuel filter, cleaned the other fuel filter and bled the lines plus flushed out the radiator and refilled with 50/50 mix.  We also managed to de-winterize the engine and the toilet.  We checked and filled the water in all the batteries.  Then it’s scrub, scrub, scrub….

Looking forward to the first cruise the end of the month!  I can hardly wait and am praying for blue skies and sunshine.  Doesn’t have to be super warm but dry and nice would be much appreciated. 

So…what did you do for boat bits this month?

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