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I’ve written about the MacGregor 26 sailboat several times (check the archives in the green bar) and it occurred to me maybe you’d like to have a ‘check list’ so to speak for raising the mast.  So here’s my best memory of raising the mast on our MacGregor 26 sailboat.

  1. Make sure all tie downs or lashings are removed or untied.
  2. Be sure to have put the ‘wind indicator’  on the top of the mast.
  3. Unbolt the mast from the bow rail and move to the plate.
  4. Install bolt through mast and cabin top.
  5. Bolt the mast-raising boom to the cabin top.
  6. Mast raising block and lines; attach to mast-raising pole and to the foredeck and be sure to have the rest of the line led to the cockpit.
  7. Lateral supports attached to sides of mast and strap eyes on deck.  Some slack but not too much. 
  8. Shrouds are attached and clear.
  9. Backstay is attached and clear, be sure the wind indicator doesn’t foul it.
  10. Jib or Genoa sheets loose and free.
  11. Furler control line loose and free.
  12. Main sheet is tied together at the bitter ends to make a loop or is attached to the lifelines.
  13. Mast is then raised to vertical.  My hubby always handled the line and I lifted the mast clear of the cradle until I couldn’t reach any further.  Then I’d run forward and drag the roller furling forward until I could clip it in place.

This is really important!  Do Not let go of the mast raising line until you have secured the mast in an upright position by either the headstay or roller furling or the mast may fall.  If it does fall…get out of the way!  Fiberglass damage can be repaired, heads can’t.

While raising the mast watch for sheets or standing rigging hanging up on something.  We had trouble with the backstay often.  The favorite spot was at the top of the mast; it always seemed to want to ‘kink’ right there.  Also check out the air space above you before you start setting up to raise the mast.  Power lines or fir trees can really be a pain.

So there you have it, my check list for raising the MacGregor 26 sailboat mast.  Best of luck, we got pretty quick at it.  MacGregor26 part one.  I hope you found this helpful and if you did then buy me a beer! 

MacGregor Sailboats are lots of fun and I hope you enjoy yours. 

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