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Learning to sail with our MacGregor 26 sailboat was tons of fun and sometimes a bit scary too.  The first time I filled the ballast was pretty stressful.  It seemed really wrong to open a hole in the bottom of the boat to let water in, after all in the past I’d alway tried to keep the water out of my boats.  Getting the water in was easy to figure out, but once in the questions became….  How do we empty the ballast?

Oddly enough it wasn’t that hard. 

We developed this action plan for when we wanted to trailer the boat.  I would take two dock lines and attach them fore and aft.  Then I would hold the ends and stand amid-ships at the standing rigging.  My hubby would bring the boat along side the dock and once we were close enough, I’d step off and quickly tie off to the dock cleats.  Once the boat was secure to the dock, my hubby would go get the truck and trailer.

 Once he’d backed the trailer down, one of us would board the boat (just in case she caught the wind and drifted away!) and the other would ‘walk’ her, from the dock, onto the trailer using the dock lines to guide her onto the trailer.    The one aboard would go forward and clip the winch strap to the bow and then grab the dock lines and stow them away.

Then we’d pull the boat up the ramp until the bottom was barely out of the water.  Then we’d push open the ballast vent and the water would start running back into the lake.  While the water began to drain, we’d work on raising the outboard, rudder and secure the tiller.  Once some of the ballast was drained, we would pull up the ramp to a parking spot and lower the mast while the remaining water drained out.

This worked well for us and hopefully it will for you as well.  The MacGregor 26 is a fun sailboat and the water ballast is easy to fill and empty.  You can read more about our MacGregor by clicking on these:  one  two four five.  Also you can find additional articles in the archives tab.

Have fun with your MacGregor 26 sailboat!

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