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One of the problems we had with our MacGregor 26 sailboat was getting her back on the trailer.  We were always able to get her on it, we just couldn’t seem to get her snug against the bow and roller.  I think too, given the straps the previous owner had wrapped over the stern, they too couldn’t get the boat completely on the trailer.

We tried floating her on the water and tightening the winch strap but we could never seem to get it right.  There always seemed to be a few inches of space between the bow and trailer.  Needless to say, this gave us a bunch of concerns in regards to the hitch and truck.  If you too are having problems getting the boat snug to the trailer then maybe our soulition will work for you. 

The most important key word to remember is SLOW! 

Once we had the mast down and everything stowed away and secure this is what we did.  Before we’d leave the parking lot of the launch area, we’d drive to a flat section of the lot and stop.  Then we’d drive forward SLOWLY (like maybe 2 mph) and then we’d slam on the breaks.  This would shove the boat forward, we’d stop and run back to winch up the strap more.  If it wasn’t enough to bring her all the way forward, we’d repeat the process.

It’s really, really important to do this SLOWLY!  You don’t need speed to shift the boat on the trailer.  We never went fast, mostly it was just taking our foot off the break until the truck began to move forward (maybe 4-5 feet?) and then we’d stop fast.  If you can keep ‘Murphy’s Law’ in mind while doing this it will help.

It worked for us, maybe it’ll work for you…maybe it won’t.  Your boat, your choice.  This was our choice for getting our MacGregor 26 firmly back on the trailer.  You can read more about our MacGregor 26 here:  one two three five.  You can also find more articles under the ‘archive’ tab.

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