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Skin cancer affects just over half our population.  Being on a boat generally means that you’re in the sun and this increases your risk.  As a kid, I had tons of sunburns but as an adult I’ve had few.

I use lots of sunscreen and sit under the bimini but I know I’m still getting the sun.  Recently I’ve notice a couple of spots…one on my chest and the other on my arm.  I think I have skin cancer.

I have an up coming appointment with my doctor, a new doctor as my old one just retired.  I thought this would be a good article to write about. 

I’m a bit weirded out about it but everything I’ve read shows good cure rates.  As you can see by the picture, it’s pretty small. arm with skin cancer

The other one is just a dark patch, which is how the one on my arm started.  I actually thought they were ‘age spots’ like you get on your hands.  So, when the one on my arm puffed up a bit I went, hum…..

close up skin cancer

Okay, I saw the doctor today.  He check both spots as well as my back, neck, shoulders and scalp.  He’s not sure the one on my chest is anything but the one on my arm is a…”mumble, mumble, mumble lesion.”  Some kind of slow growing skin cancer.

He ‘burned’ it off today.  Actually, he froze it.  He thought it would hurt although you couldn’t prove it by me.  Maybe later it will.  It’s supposed to blister up like I’d burned myself with the stove or something.

In this case the old adage…dang, that’ll leave a scar…will hold true.  Like I don’t already have lots of those!  So, it wasn’t a big thing, it was cancer but thankfully not a really yucky type. 

So here’s a picture of the after burn.  If it turns really gruesome I’ll add more comments and picture; for those who really like that sort of thing.

skin cancer

 He said to keep an eye on the one on my chest and that I’m doing a good job with the sunscreen.  So I guess that goes to show, SPF 30 and a bimini is a good investment for your health.  As is a hat and those new shirts and pants with SPF 50!

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