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Walk any boat dock and what do you see in those marinas?  Sailboats and power boats either well loved or waiting for love, plus lots of folks with dreams of cruising for a weekend or sailing over the horizon.   This blog is dedicated to those of us who own or are looking to own a boat we love and are willing to use a bit of elbow grease and skin a few knuckles to save a few bucks. 

I’m Debbie and I have been boating most of my life.  If you are familiar with blogs then click on ‘recent posts’ or ‘archives’ and have at it!  I began this blog in the hopes that my experiences on the water will help others enjoy being out there too.  My family and I spend over 100 days a year on the water, which is quite a bit considering we’re raising a family and working!  Any spare moment we have is spent on a boat.  I have experienced fun, break downs/repairs, danger and met friends on the water.  I hope by sharing those experiences with you, you’ll have a more relaxing time on the water and enjoy yourself even more.

If you’ve never visited a blog before then let me explain the difference between a blog and a web site.  In the real world, I have a web site for my business.  It’s designed to give buyers and sellers information and hopefully bring a job my way.  A blog however, is designed to share fun, information about both good and bad times, help each other and build a community of friends with a common interest.

On the sides of the screen are what is call ‘sidebars’ there are places to click to read about different articles I’ve written.  I also try to provide links to other sites that offer either more information or goods and services.  Along the top you’ll find other places to click.

If, for instance, you click on ‘Archives’ you’ll go to a page with a list of each month that this blog has existed.  If you click on a month, you’ll get a drop down menu of all the articles I’ve written and you can click on any to read them.

Some articles are funny…like ‘the perilous potty’ (you can click to read) which talks about a blocked boat toilet…one of those “it’s funny years later” stories. 

Other articles are more about maintaining your boat, click here to read ‘Buying a Used Boat?‘ and you can read my top tips of things to do before that first trip out with your new to you boat.  We are also watersports junkies so you can see some nice pictures of me and read about hydrofoiling here.

I’m always open to suggestions for articles so please, feel free to email me: Debbie (@) PacificNorthwestBoating (.) com I know that looks weird, but there are unscrupulous spammers out in cyber space that harvest email address and Lord knows I don’t need any more junk emails!  I do however LOVE to have emails from my friends.

If you have a great story or a problem please let me know.  Sometimes I can help, Peter for instance needed a new wheel pilot for his boat, an older wheel pilot.  I was able to help him in his search.  What was in it for me?  Nothing except a warm feeling in my heart and a big thank you from him.

At the bottom of pretty much all my articles you’ll find a ‘comments’ link.  If you click there you can leave your thoughts, please don’t hesitate to do so.  I don’t share any information with anyone else, unless like Peter you need something, and then I’ll ask you before giving it out.

So in closing, I’m sorry this is soooo long but I really wanted to explain my blog.  Hopefully you will enjoy what I’m writing.  Thank you so much for spending time with me. 

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