How hard is it to blog?

Trying to decide if you’d like to blog?  It’s a hard thing to decide.  There’s lots of stuff already out there and you probably wonder if anyone will come to visit you.  I’m always surprised and happy by the number of visitors I have.  (Thank you for being here.)

 There are several types of programs available to blog with.  I chose this one because it’s easy to understand and didn’t require a huge book to read through.  There is a great support forum as well.

The host provider I’m giving you access to will install this blogging program for you for free.  They are also very reasonably price!  I have another site for my real estate day job and they charge lots more and don’t provide any programs to work with.  I will be changing providers once my contract with them ends. 

If you have a hobby or a soap box don’t be afraid to try this.  You’ll be surprised too by the people who’ll visit.  I knew the web was world wide but I didn’t understand it until I saw all the places readers are coming from.  I would encourage you to give it a try for one year and see what you think.  I’ve made some great friends on line with this and my family around the country can check in on me and see what I’ve been up to.

I’m about as techno-challanged as they come and I can do this!  It’s easy.  If you can surf the Internet and know how to save a file, you too can do this.

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