Cruisers Websites

If you are a cruiser (or are planning on going cruising) and do not have your own website but would like one then this is the answer. We provide a unique managed website that you can update via email.

We design, host and  manage websites for cruisers.

With our unique website service for cruisers we set up the site for you and you keep it up to date simply by sending us an email, we do the rest.  You do not have to have any technical knowledge of designing and building your own website, there’s no expensive programs to buy, nor do you have to maintain the site yourself.  Our website service for cruisers is also extremely competitive in price.

See our demo site

Visit us here to start your website now or find out how to start.

  •  Can you send an email?  Great!  Our sites are updated by the emails you send us.  This means that you can send your position or update your journal entries from anywhere you can find access to the Internet.

  • We save you the hassles of technology.  You don’t need to learn a new program, code, html, php or find a server provider to develope and keep your site up to date.  You just send us your email.

  • Our sites have high quality pictures and while there is a limited number of photos per journal up date, you just send them along with your email.

  • PacificNorthwestBoating fully manages these great sites and removes the frustration so you can enjoy your cruising dream.

You don’t need any special software or equipment other than your email system.  Today’s technology offers many options for on board systems, plus many cafes and marinas now offer WiFi.  You are freed from spending hours each day to keep your site up to date.

Just think, with an email system on board you could share the experience of crossing the equator or dolphins dancing on your bow wake with family,  friends and every wanna be cruiser on the Internet!  Your travels could be the stuff of dreams for the next generation of cruisers.  Best of all, this is your site, you own what you write and you can reprint else where, unlike many monthly publications that claim world rights to your work.  What better way to build a book for publication?  Best of all it’s safely kept on terra firma!

What do we provide?

  • Home Page  this page is your main site page and will be the first page a visitor sees.  It will give them brief information about you, your yacht, your cruise plans, etc.  It tells visitors to your site exactly what your site is all about.

  • The Crew  this page is who you are and often includes photo’s.

  • Your Yacht   this is where you discribe your boat, you’ll want a few well chosen photo’s and details.

  • Location  a list of past and current locations.

  • Journal  this is where you’ll talk about your passages and experiences.  You can talk about any cruising subject you’d like to write about.  All you do is email us a new journal entry on a regular basis and we add it to your web site.

  • Contact Us  this page will give visitors details on how they can contact you.  Normally this would be an email address but you may prefer some other form of contact or maybe even no contact.

  • Additional Pages  if you’re interested in additional pages: kids corner, our re-fit, food, whatever, then a small charge is added for this.  If you’re a cruising family a kids corner is an excellent idea and maybe could be used towards some of the home school requirements.

At this point you maybe wondering what the website will look like.  We use different designs for each cruiser’s web site that feature an ocean or water ‘theme’.  For an example we’ve created Seven Seas Crusing (yes the miss-spelling is deliberate!) this will show you the main features that you will get for your own site.  Please remember, all photo’s and images will be provided by you, or if you’d wish we can add some ‘public’ standard ones for you.  See our demo site.

At this point you maybe thinking about cost.  We charge a straight monthly fee with no extra setup costs or hidden fees.  You subscribe for either six months or one year at a time.  Below are the prices.

Free initial set up includes:

Creating your website and all of the web pages described above.  You’ll have an opportunity to review, revise/correct where needed.  This then is your core site.  We have a limit of 1,500 words and 4 photo’s per initial core set-up and journal update.  This is important for loading speed on the Internet as you want to be fast and efficient.

Posting to your journal:

We enable you to post regular journal entries via email.  You send us your text and photo’s and we do the rest.  As stated above, journal entries are limited to a maximum of 1,500 words and 4 photo’s per page.  This provides you the easiest way to describe your travels and experiences along your rhumb line.

Position updates:

We help you log your current position simply by sending us an email with your latest position so that family, friends and dreamers can follow along.  In addition you can post your planned itinerary so other cruising friends can keep up to date with your travel plans.  This could help with meeting up in a new location!

Options and Monthly fee:

Option one:  Free initial set up, includes your choice of website name (we will need to verify it isn’t currently being used) and a maximum of 1 journal entry per month and 1 position update per month.   $30 US

Option two:  Free initial set up, includes your choice of web site name and a maximum of 1 journal entry per month and 4 position updates per month.  $50 US

Option three:  Free initital set up, includes your choice of web site name and a maximum of 2 journal entries per month and 4 position updates per month.  $65 US

Option four:  This is for existing journals of completed cruises where no further journal entries, photo’s or position updates are needed.  $14 US

Extra pages:  This would be great for kids to have their own page in the cruising web site.  $5 US

Our system offers you an easy way to own and manage a website while cruising on your boat.  The hassels and problems associated with setting up and maintaining a website disappear (you still have to send us the email) and you get a great looking site.

Visit us here to start your website now or find out how to start.