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The Pride of Baltimore launched in 1977 as a replica clipper ship.  Her short nine year life both stunning and tragic has been captured impressively in the book, Epitaph For A Beautiful Ship by Evan Wilson.

Mr. Wilson’s book offers a detailed look into not just the sinking of this gorgeous ship but the design, construction and sailing as well.  I loved that he included the private thoughts of the various crew members as they learned to sail Pride.  I found it a facinating account of cruising through not only many of the areas I dream of but also an intriguing view of a romantic past long gone.

Epitaph For A Beautiful Ship delves into not just the meat but the marrow of what happened during the knockdown that claimed Pride plus dug deeply into the bone to scoop out every detail that may have led to that fateful day.  Evan Wilson has studied each aspect from design and construction, gear and equipment, to Captain and crew and every small nuance of sailing her.  He offers several different theories as food for thought and you may find your own view listed in one of them.

This book should appeal to a large number of us.  I enjoyed the personal views such as the a bosun who later said of the sinking, “The masts and I were down at the same time.  I remember swimming up and seeing Pride looking like she could be sailing along.”  I think my hubby would enjoy the details of how the ship was engineered and constructed. 

If you are looking for a true heavy weight of a book for a winter’s read by a warm fire then you’ll want Epitaph For A Beautiful Ship by Evan Wilson.  It’s offered on line both as an immediate download or a hard back book and you can find it by visiting herePride of Baltimore was a stunning replica clipper and this is a story anyone with a sailboat will find interesting. 

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