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Stereo speakers, music and boats just didn’t go together a couple of decades ago but now they are an obvious fit.  Last year for Mother’s Day my hubby installed one on s/v Whisper, our Newport 30 sailboat.  It’s wonderful to be able to listen to music while fixing a meal or just relaxing.

In my last post I whined about the difficult economy.  We are holding on but like so many folks out there it seems we are holding to a thread.  We are self-employed and most of those we know are too.  I don’t know how difficult it is for those who work for a company but it’s sure hard for those of us with a business.  The only escape from the state of the union and the only mental health stabilzer I have is my sailboat.  So, when we went last weekend for an over night trip I was in dire need of a break.  It was hard not to bring the stress, worry and fear aboard.

There wasn’t any wind once we were out on the water so we motored up to Sandy Beach and took a spot at the dock.  I was pretty pleased with myself for sliding up to the dock between two other boats without hitting either of them.  Once all the dock lines were set and the halyards pulled tight so they wouldn’t slap the mast and annoy any one, I turned on my stereo.  I’ve been in the mood for Blues lately so I popped in a John Lee Hooker cd and started lunch.

It wasn’t too long before I started to think there was something wrong with my cd.  It was like having the radio on as well as a cd and I started to listen while trying to figure out what the problem was.  Trying to be considerate of others I didn’t have my tunes up very loud, just enough to hear it on our boat.  Sound really travels on the water so it’s good to pay attention to your voice and music.  I often walk away from our boat to see if my music is too loud.

Lunch was ready and I took it to the cockpit and once out of the cabin I realized what was the problem with my stereo.  One dock over was a group of power boaters, dock chairs and tables out with music blaring.  I actually thought they had it up for just one song as it wasn’t loud when we came in and as it was a’rock’n roll oldies’ it was ok.  However, the volume didn’t go down once the song ended.  Sadly, it continued through out the afternoon and evening.   Our friend was so annoyed at one point that he sounded his air horn in their direction but the fools were just oblivious to the fact that they were annoying almost ever other boater there.

Three dock of folks out trying to relax and enjoy their boats and there was major moron blaring away.  How on earth they were even able to talk over the din is beyond me.  There was much discussion on our dock among all of us over how we’d have to talk with them if it continued into the evening.  Thankfully, they stopped blaring their ‘oldies’ about bed time but loudly began sharing again about mid morning. 

So word to the wise (obviously not this guy)… go ahead and enjoy your music.  Just be sure you aren’t the one everyone else in the moorage area is shooting daggers at.  I took a really good look at his boat and will NOT go to Sandy Beach or any place else, if yahoo is there.  What an amazing jerk! 

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