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Our sneaky government has struck again by imposing a new fee on those of us who boat.  While they’ve already gotten us on our motorized boats, they are now after our dingys, kayaks, etc.  I had called down to the legislature to follow up on this bill and was told it had been ‘killed in committee’.  What a lie!  The permits are required beginning January first.  So heads up if you’ve a nonmotorized boat 10 feet or longer.

The tax isn’t large but in two parts; $5.00 annual tax (you get a ‘permit’), plus a $2.00 fee for the license agent.  Granted the money is to be used for a good project, to combat the invasive species but I’m ticked they snuck it through. 

I’m glad we have a small dingy and didn’t get the two person blow up kayak as we’d be taxed via permit for them as well.  Yes, I’m tired of the taxes and after the news broke on how millions from Obama’s stimulus went to non existant districts, I wonder if this new tax money will really help out with the fight against the invasives.

I’ll give an example:  My hubby had a phone call from someone with the Oregon State Marine Board about a non related subject.  After they talked about what the man needed to know (engineering) my hubby commented on the new boating facility at Sandy Beach.  He asked if and when the state would take care of the awful sticker/weed problem pointing out that it’s impossibe to even reach the toilet facility without being harpooned.  The general boating public is trying to clean the weeds away to help the dogs and kids.   The State of Oregon didn’t have a clue there’s an issue.

This is a really nice new boating facility on the Columbia River and the weed is everywhere.  It’s kinda round with big thick barbs and nearly impossible to remove.  If you carefully pull it from the bottom of your shoe or leg, it sticks to your fingers in the most painful way.  Before long boaters will be back at East Dock where they can walk around.

As a matter of fact, my hubby talked about several of the areas in Oregon we’ve boated.  In every case the Marine Board didn’t have a clue.  So, it’s no wonder we have invasive species in our waters.  Maybe it would be better to have more Oregon Marine Board boats on the water than boots in cubicles.  I think it would be a far better use of our taxes.  Of course, I view any license, permit, fee, etc. as a tax and am offended by how badly our government handles things. 

How’s this money going to be spent?  They bumped up the motorized fees and have created a new one for the nonmotorized boats so they’ll have lots to work with.  Yes, the invasives are a problem and as a boater we always check for them as I’m sure you do too.  The object is to have regional mobile boat inspection teams that will be at the boat launches and fishing tournaments as well as high use areas at ‘key times’ to inspect and educate.  Hopefully they will do a better job than those stupid billboards they had up along I-5 that took forever to figure out.

If you’ve a nonmotorized boat over 10 feet long (even a blow up one) don’t forget to get your new yearly permit so you can boat in Oregon water.

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