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Wow, I haven’t written in a while.  My apologizes to those of you who check in regularly.  As we all know the economy is really taking a beating right now.  My hubby and I have struggled like many families, remember I’m a real estate broker here in Oregon.  Needless to say my income has dropped!  As a matter of fact, it’s dropped so much I’m dog grooming again to help pay bills.  Which leave little time for sailing the boat.

I have lots of posts in my head but I’m finding it difficult to focus and find the time to sit in front of my computer to tap it out.  I will endeavor to do better in the coming months.

I was reading my latest issue of ‘Cruising World’ and found myself filled with envy for the writer of one article.  He was talking about single handing and how he set his wheel pilot and adjusted the sails and sat back with a hot coffee or something and a favorite book.  He was looking forward to sailing for several miles and not tacking.  Which was when my mouth began to drool.

Our last sail on the ‘wild’ Columbia river was nothing but tack, tack, tack…  Added to that was the zig and zag of dodging the salmon fishermen and commercial barges.  It’s very frustrating to get the sail set only to have to tack again a few minutes later.  Then too the wind changed its direction so many times it didn’t know if it wanted to come from the south, north or west!

Granted, it was great to be out on the boat but I really was drooling over his story in CW and dreamed of what that type of sailing would be like.  Given the economy I worry about being able to keep our boat and actually be able to sail the San Juan’s and Mexico.  Gee, I guess it’s a good place to plug my real estate, huh?…  If you know someone thinking about buying or selling any where in the US, I can (for free) refer a local agent for them to interview.  If they go with that agent and buy or sell, then that agent will pay me.  Arrgh, I hate putting that sales pitch in there but….I want to keep my boat!  So if you know someone ask them to email me, thanks.

The writer of that story talked about the wonderful anchorage  he had and the birds and his thoughts  of years ago in that same location.  Then he mentioned his age (close to mine) and then reflected that in another 15 years he probably wouldn’t be around any longer to sail there.  What an alarming thought!

I could wish our daughter was younger and thus able to head out with on a boat.  Then too, I could wish she were grown with her feet firmly planted so we can go.  She’s a junior this year and it’ll be a bit before she graduates.  Then after that we’re looking at helping her with college.  Just like so many other families out there.   So, I guess I’ll  just continue to dream, hope and pray that with the grace of time we’ll be able to sail off for a while.

If you’re like us you’re just trying to keep the wolf from the door and trying to get out on the water.  Keep the cruising dream alive.  While we may never sail off to Bora Bora the San Juan’s are not that far away.  We just need time…  although the words of Zane B Mann in his book Fair Winds and Far Places (he wrote of his recurring vision of his epitaph)  often haunts me.

“Here lies a nice guy.  He waited until he solved all the world’s problems before doing what he really wanted to do.  It’s too late now. “

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