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Spinnaker sailing is something I am very intimidated by.  It’s a big sail.  Lots of things can go wrong and I am a worry wart of the first water.  This month we’ve had an amazing young man, a French foreign exchange student, stay with us.  He is an awesome sailor and we were thrilled to take him out on Whisper several times.  One day there was very little wind and my hubby decided to try the spinnaker.

Spinnaker on Sailboat

I have to admit, having the child of someone else aboard I wasn’t into trying something that has the potential of tossing us all into the water.  Yet we were nearly dead calm, the current wasn’t fast and the iron genny could be called to action if needed.  My hubby set up the sail and before long that huge colorful sail hung limply waiting for a puff of wind.

Thanks to the current we sailed backwards for a while but finally the wind (what little there was) came in and before long we were making way against the bit of current.  What a pretty sail when it fills up.  We each took turns going forward  to look up at it.

Spinnaker kid

So I have to say for those of you who are regular readers…sorry for the lack of posts.  Gael is an amazing young man who loves to sail…we were busy and I didn’t write.  I did however take pictures.


With the small amount of wind we had it was a good day to try the spinnaker again.  Plus with no one really out on the water we were able to just follow the direction the wind took.  A few more times of setting and dousing our spinnaker and we might try a bit more wind.

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