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Ever notice how boats especially older ones don’t have cup holders?  Where do you put your cell phone, GPS, binoculars, bottle of water and all the rest of that little ‘stuff’?  Oh sure, you could put it below or in a cockpit locker but does that really help?

Cup Holders on Boats

Of course not and so we’re left standing at the chandlery staring at holders that require us to drill and fill holes in order to mount holders for cups and fishing poles and the rest of our stuff.  Then it always seems that once you mount it you’ll have that ‘slap the forehead’ moment where you realize it would have been better in a different spot.

Table/Tray for boat

I found a product at this years Seattle Boat Show that I thought was a pretty good idea.  I spoke with Chuck Casagrande from Sea Sucker at his booth during the show.  This little product is a “vacuum” to your boat cup and accessory holder.  They are easy to apply, you simply set it on a flat surface and pump a few times, until the red line on the pump button disappears.  The 6 inch holder is rated to hold up to 210 lbs.  and the 4 1/2 inch is rated to 120 lbs. plus you can increase the holding capabilities by connecting the units with an aluminum tract or one of the company’s new stainless steel bridges.

GPS Holder for Boat

They have products for boats, fishing, RV’s and divers. This is a unique system and while I’ve not used the product on my boat, I did get to try it out at the show.  If you’d like to catch up with them at a boat show near you here’s a link to their calendar.  We struggle with our Garmin 76 when underway so I’m looking at the Sea Sucker GPS holder.  I’m sure you’ll find something that will help improve your boating experience.

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