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Sunset Sailboat

Turn on any news channel and you’ll be quickly be assaulted by the constant talk regarding our current economy.  The last report I heard had unemployment at 7% with large national companies talking of more lay offs.  As a woman who was an adult during the 13% unemployment and double digit inflation of the early 80’s, I have to say 1) it’s not as bad as then by a long ways and 2) the distant horizon beckons.

Lately I’ve been looking on line at the boats offered for sale and thinking yet again about what I’d want if I were to sail over that distant piece of water.  I think if our daughter were younger or older we’d go.  It’d be nice to sell the house, pay the bills off and cast off that dock line.  Actually I think it’d be nice to do that right now and sail around for her junior year of high school…SHE doesn’t think that, but I do.

So I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit lately.  It’s been a dream of mine for about eight years.  Which is kind of funny when you realize that eight years ago the only sailing I’d ever done was a few days of dingy sailing ( here’s that story) while on vacation.  It took two years to choose our current coastal cruising sailboat and I shudder to think how long it would take if I were looking for something to carry me over that distant horizon…which seems to be what I’m doing now.

I think I would want a stronger built boat with considerably more tankage for fuel and water.  Solar panels strong enough to power up the batteries that would supply DC for the few and well chosen niceties of life.  A good communications setup, a life raft (just in case), a dingy with maybe davits or a big enough deck to store one, plus tons of storage.  I’m thinking manual windless but maybe power.  Definitely a good auto pilot and backup, maybe a windvane?

If our daughter were to go then we’d need to have two staterooms and for sanity sake, I do mean two separate areas with doors.  She and my hubby are two peas in a pod…they really need their own space and since a any boat no matter how big we could afford would never be big enough, we’d need doors.  So I’m looking at the older used boats in the 40-50 foot range.  Of course, I also look at the 32-38 range in case it’s just the two of us.

There are lots of interesting old boats out there.  Quite a few have been rode hard and put away wet and a very few have been well cared for.  I find it interesting the rode hard ones are generally very close in price to the well maintained ones.  Then too, since my day job is as a real estate agent (here’s a free way to help out this blog) I find it funny to see those pictures taken by boat brokers with junk stuffed everywhere.  What are they thinking?  The smart sellers and agents are staging the boats just as I do homes.  Show it at its best to get the best price.

TahitiDon’t you wish you had a crystal ball at certain points in life?  I think I’m there.  Do we sell out, pay off and sail away with our daughter before she’s grown?  Do we wait until she’s launched in to her own young adult life to cast off?  Will I convince my hubby this is a good idea?

Restlessness, spurred by the down economy and fueled by a quote from Simone De Beauvoir (1908-1986)…

“Life is about more than just maintaining oneself, it is about extending oneself.  Otherwise living is only not dying.”

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