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The boating industry has taken a big hit due to the downward spiral of our economy.  I wonder who will be left standing when the final sail drops and the sheets settle.  To say these are uncertain times would be like saying a tsunami is just a wave lapping at the shoreline.

I’m left wondering what we can do.  My grandfather always said, “The helping hand you’re looking for is on the end of your arm.”  So I spoke with a friend in the banking industry.  I am assured by him there is money to lend.   While we’ve had big box stores and smaller mom and pop’s go under, many still are gainfully employed with job security.

Thus I come to the Seattle Boat Show 2009.  There are new and used boats for sale and we’ve all seen the greatly reduced prices this economy has created.  This is definitely an opportunity for those who’ve been waiting for the right time to buy.  In boat buying…this is the time!  Middle of winter, depressed economy and falling prices will get the cash in hand buyer the best price for the boat they want.

If like me you’ve dreamed of spending a part of your life cruising on a boat then I want to encourage you to hold tight to those dreams.  Dreams are the essence of life and while the economy is struggling and things may seem bleak, we have to remember our dreams have value.  Yes it would be nice to cruise off in a 60 plus foot Swan but I could have the same travels in an older, smaller sailboat too.

Were our daughter younger or older we’d sell the house, store the stuff, buy a blue water sailboat, cross the bar and hang a left.  We toy with the thought of just going even with a sixteen year old…she’d have a love/hate with it I’m sure.  This past year with the slow down in real estate, I’ve certainly given lots of thought to what type of boat I could “make do” with.   My hubby has decided he could “make do” with less than 60 feet.

I’ve no idea where we’re headed but if you’ve lost your job and dreamed of taking off then maybe, just maybe this is the time.  Could you sell your ‘stuff’, find a seaworthy boat and go?  We all have dreams.  Some of mine I’ve made happen, one was actually realized because of the recession of the early 80’s and the loss of a job.

So if you’ve been looking to buy a sailboat or power boat I’d like to encourage you to go to the Seattle Boat Show 2009 and seriously shop for that boat.   You may be surprised at what you could buy.  Being able to cross over the horizon maybe closer and easier than you think!

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