Filed Under (Recipes) by Debbie on 09-01-2009

We all know how limited space is on a sailboat and how difficult it can be to deal with the lack of refrigeration. David A. sent in a great solution to this very dilemma.

I sail weekend trips in the Gulf of Mexico and often just grab some off
the shelf pre-made sandwiches from the local market. In an effort to
doctor these up a little I’ve come up with a handy condiment supply.

I keep a few packets of hot sauce from Taco Bell, relish and mayonnaise in
a small plastic index card box. I can find a variety of condiments to
“doctor” up the cardboard sandwiches easily and these don’t require
refrigeration. It’s amazing what can be found in packets including lemon
juice, red peppers (Pizza Hut).

Kudos’s to David for a very practical solution for those who are, as he said in his email to me, “galley challenged”. Space is tight on a sailboat and cooler space even tighter so this is a great suggestion, even for those of us lucky enough to have a fridge or ice box conversion aboard.

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