Filed Under (Boater's Galley Companion) by Debbie on 11-11-2008

Finding ways to keep food fresh aboard a sailboat has always been a challenge. I can’t count the times we’ve been cruising on a weekend get away only to have the ice box conversion freeze my head of lettuce. This past summer I tried out a couple of ideas and found one that really worked well. As a matter of fact, it’s worked so well I’ve continued to do this at home even though I’ve a great working fridge here.

Our Newport 30 has a quarter berth as do many boats of this size and as there’s only three of us aboard we use it as the ‘garage’. The dock chairs and table, oars, seat cushions, hammock, etc. finds it resting place there. It’s a nice spot to store all the stuff we want and still keep it out of the way. I thought maybe it would also be a nice pantry area and this summer I tried out an idea.

I have several plastic milk crate style boxes that I used for toys when our daughter was a toddler. I brought one aboard and in it placed the potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, lettuce and similar types of produce. I found that with the open sides I had good air flow and the items lasted through out our cruises. In fact it worked so well that the cabbage and potatoes and one lone onion I forgot to pack home were still in great shape even after the one week cruise and two weeks away from the boat.

So next summer when you’re trying to figure out how to pack all that produce into the ice box, stop and rethink. I’ve found there are lots of items I’m used to having in the fridge that do just fine packed in my milk crate and left in the quarter berth.

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