Filed Under (Boating Safety) by Debbie on 11-10-2008

This morning I got up to find old man winter sitting on the deck of our sailboat and us shivering inside.  This prompted me to action and I built a fire to warm up the cabin.  I love our wood stove it has brought our living area up to 80 degrees quickly.

 It also reminded me that there is one bit of important safety precaution to take and since others maybe firing up the cabin heat I’d like to remind everyone.  When you use your stove, oven or fire up the heater in your sailboat, or any kind of enclosed boat, be sure you open a port or crack a hatch.  You have got to have fresh air coming inside as the heat source will eat up the oxygen in the air.  If you begin to have a headache while heating the cabin, get outside to the fresh air quickly.

Heating your sailboat cabin can make the difference between really living and just camping.  If you’re interested in what we did to be able to heat ours then you might want to read this post

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