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When you hear the term ‘Yacht Club’ what vision comes to mind? Do you have a picture of some older guy sitting on a mega yacht, dresses in white slacks, blue blazer and captain’s hat with an umbrella drink in hand with some young bimbo on his arm while dock boys run errands?

 I always hate to say we belong to a yacht club for that very reason.  So many people think that’s what’s going on.  We’ve invited friends to go out on the boat with us and they always want to know what they should wear, like there’s a dress code.  We also don’t say we own a yacht, it’s a boat.  Although, technically it is a yacht we almost never refer to her as a yacht.  Yeah, ok…there’s one couple we know….

If you own a boat and have thought about joining a club but felt it might be too snob-ish then maybe you need to rethink.  I’ve found most clubs have set aside a day or two each year to show their club to prospective members.  This is a great way to find a place to call yours.

We visited one club that has a really nice facility and we were definitely impressed with their club house.  They took us and several other prospective members out on one members power yacht, yes I’d call it a yacht.  The master cabin’s head had a bath tub in it.  We went out on the water to another location of the club’s for a lunch.  They served us wonderful prime rib sandwiches, massive side dishes and bottles of wine.  It was posh!  The members were warm and welcoming.  We didn’t feel we clicked there sadly and continued looking.

The club we did finally join has a nice facility too although the club house isn’t as posh as the one above.  Then too, we aren’t required to spend X number of dollars per month in the club house, for which we’d be billed if we didn’t.  We are however, required to help out with the maintenance for the club.  Which is great as it helps you to meet the other members.  We’re very much a ‘blue collar’ club and it’s a good fit for us.

Another really great aspect of joining a club is that you get the benefit of all the years of experience the other club members have.  We’ve been given advice on how to fix several things we couldn’t figure out that saved us hundred of dollars.  We’ve also given out advice to others that have saved them money.  Plus there’s the how to sail advice and the fellowship of club cruises and bbq’s. 

So, if you’ve ever thought about a ‘yacht club’ then don’t be shy and don’t be a snob.  Call up your local clubs and ask to be on their list for the next open house.  You may find a group of boaters that you really click with and maybe even benefit from less expensive moorage for your boat.  Yacht clubs are a great way to improve your experience with your sailboat or power yacht.

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