Filed Under (Boating Safety) by Debbie on 13-09-2008

Hurricane Ike has caused many of us to hold our collective breaths as we waited for impact.  Just a bit past 3 AM Ike hit Galveston with 110 MPH winds making it a tad bit shy of a category 3 hurricane.  The sheer size of Ike is nearly impossible to imagine although my hubby and I talked about how all of Oregon and Washington state would equal the width of Ike.  Watching the news this morning I was once again reminded of how thankful I am to boat in the Pacific Northwest where we don’t have to contend with such violent storms.

Millions are without power this morning and it will probably take a week to get everyone back on line.  Emergency crews are now trying to assist those who opted to stay rather than evacuate and my prayers are certainly with them. 

One thought did occur to me this morning as I watched the news footage of water breaking and surging over breakwaters land and tossing recreational boats like so many tiny toys.  Nearly every sailboat I saw had ripped/torn sails flapping in the wind and I couldn’t help but wonder.  We all knew the storm was coming, Ike hit Cuba and we all started talking about its sheer bulk.   So, I have to ask….  Were they deer in the headlights?  The boats I saw didn’t look as if they’d been prepared for hurricane Ike.

I live an hour away from my boat and last winter we had a prediction of 90 MPH winds for one storm and I beat feet to our boat and stripped her down.  Checked all my dock lines and removed all my canvass.  Granted, I didn’t need to worry about my home as nothing was heading there but still.  I can’t help but wonder why weren’t these boats ready for this storm?

Of course, it’s easy to sit here far removed from Hurricane Ike and ponder these thoughts.  My heart goes out to all in Texas and my prayers are for a speedy recovery with no loss of life.  Don’t forget to don your life vests when you go to check your boats.  Stay safe.

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