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The Clean Boating Act 2008, S 2766 is something I’ve ranted about here quite a bit.  Just before leaving on vacation to Shasta I checked to see where it stood in Congress…it was still sitting there.

Yesterday, Bobby who left a comment on the Newport 30 review sent great news in an email reply.  As of 7-25-08 S 2766 has passed the Congress and been sent to the President to sign.  This is a wonderful display of bi-partisian voting!  Once the President signs it, recreational boaters will be exhempt from the discharge permit.  The permit was orginally designed for large ocean going commercial ships with water ballast.

Those of you who’ve helped with the grassroots effort to get S 2677 passed, thank you.  We all need to be aware of what’s going on because I’m sure the special interest group will be looking for another avenue to reach us.  Special thanks to all the Congress men and women who voted for S 2766 and hopefully the President will sign it into law soon.

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