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Golden Retriever’s are great dogs, they’re friendly and joyful as a general rule.  They are also pretty big…making them not one of my favorite boat dogs.  As you know we’ve an 8 lbs. Chiuhauha, Buddy.  Buddy always wears his vest on the boat, even at Shasta were the water is warm.  He’s easy to get off the boat and more importantly easy to get back on the boat.

I watched ‘yahoo’ on a boat try to get his Golden Retriever back onboard.  Ding-Dong, ding-dong….  They have a ski platform on the back of their boat but not one person went to stand there and call the dog that had jumped over the side.

So there they are, kind of in the middle of Shasta, their dog’s in the water without a vest so they have nothing to grab a hold of except a wet dog.  More importantly, dog has no floatation.  Dog’s frantic swimming along trying to decide if he should climb over the topside of the boat or head for the far off shore.

Desperate now the owner flings a ski rope around the dog’s neck and hauls it to the ski platform.  Then he proceeds to drag the dog by great handfuls of fur and skin on to the platform.  Poor dog, it’s just paddling frantically and the owner dragging and tossing until finally he’s back on the boat.

Dumb, dumb, dumb….get a life-vest on your dog before you head out on the water.  They cost about the same as a case of ‘up scale’ beer and it just makes life easier!

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