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The smoke has been hovering over Lake Shasta until just recently when the wind picked up and blew it on it’s way.  This did nothing for the fires being fought.  While we don’t have anything new for an up date on the containment, we did get to see something pretty amazing today.

The Forest Service has a plane that ‘scoops’ up water from the lake to drop on the fires.  According to one representitive of the Forest Service the plane flies on top of the water for three miles to get its water.  Three Miles!  This is not a small plane but I have to say the pilot sure made it look easy.  Below are a few picture I took while we all sat on the sides of the lake to give the plane plenty of room.  You can click on them to enlarge…I thought this was amazing!

Plane to fight fires with 

 fire fighting plane 

 fire fighting plane

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