Filed Under (Boats and Boating Gear) by Debbie on 02-06-2008

Our Newport 30 sailboat came with a Titan winch handle.  As most of us know these little items can be pretty spendy.  Our Titan winch handle was the only winch handle on board that would lock into the winch and work.  The problem was the handle itself was broken.  The bottom part of the handle was missing and we were afraid it would fall apart and leave us with no winch handle.  So, off we went to the local marine store.

While chatting with one of the employees as we looked at new handles,  we discovered that Titan offers a lifetime warranty.  We told the sales person we didn’t have a receipt and he said, “No problem!”  We brought the handle into the store and voila!  They handed us a brand new Titan winch handle.

So for those of you with a previously owned sailboat like us, who didn’t know about this great warranty but have a broken Titan winch handle in the bottom of the lazerette or some other place…take it to your local chandlery.  They should be able to give you a new winch handle and then send the old one back to Titan for a replacement. 

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