Filed Under (Boating Safety) by Debbie on 18-05-2008

This weekend has given us some hot, hot summer time heat and I’ve loved it. Sadly, two people have died because they didn’t think about swimming safely. We saw high 90 degrees this weekend but the local waters are still just spring run-off. I heard the Columbia River is about 48 degrees. It’s not safe to jump into the water yet!

Yes it looks inviting but to be really hot and jump into such cold water can cause your body to react in ways you may not think. You may find you very quickly have muscle cramps and can’t swim. Hypothermia sets in quickly too.

I was sailing this weekend and there were lots of us out on the water. Sailors, power yachters and wakeboarders too were out in force to play and enjoy the great summer weather. I just want to ask you to pay attention and be safe. Wear your PFD when you get into the water, even if you’re only going for a quick dip to cool off. You just never know with the extreme difference in temperatures how your body will react.

We came across an inflated inner-tube floating down the river all by itself. My hubby and I both had the thought that maybe someone had been floating in it. We’ve all heard about the person who goes floating on the water in an inner-tube who doesn’t know how swim, only to fall out and drowned.

Water is an unforgiving medium…stay safe, swim smart.

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