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Spring recommissioning for our sailboat and wakeboard boat is always something I look forward to, so much so that I’m often really early.  Here it is, mid-March and the sailboat is ready for the season and the wakeboard boat is almost ready.  It’s an important time of the boating season and what you do now can make or break your fun this year.

The first thing you need to do is look at your fall layup list.  If there’s anything on it you didn’t get done then do it now.  Look around for all those conspicuous notes you left last fall that tells you to open this or close that.  Check all the hoses and through-hull connections (hose clamps) don’t forget about my friend who didn’t do this.  He sunk his boat!  This is one of the most popular ways to sink your boat…if you’re on a trailer…don’t forget the plug.

Check the refrigerant charge on refrigeration systems, compressor seals are prone to drying out and leaking durning long shutdown times.

Turn on and off all the switches a couple of times.  It will help to cleans the surface of corrosion on the terminals.  Open and close the seacocks; spin blocks and windlasses.  Turn the steering wheel all the way from side to side.  Spin the drum and halyard swivels on roller furlers.

Tighten down the flexible impeller pump cover.  If you’ve a centrifugal pump be sure to prime it.

Once you’re in the water give the boat a few minutes to stabilize (could be a few days if your boat’s wood) then check the engine for alignment and leaks.  Don’t forget the fuel treatment and remember to check the stuffing box.  You’d be amazed how many boats sink at the dock.

Spring recommissioning is pretty easy and gets my blood going.  I can’t wait to get back out on the water.  If you see us out be sure to say hi, we always appreciate those of you who stop to chat!

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