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Does your sailboat or power boat have a fresh water holding tank for the galley and head?  If it does then you’ve probably given some thought to the water in the holding tank, maybe even thought to treat that water but when was the last time you gave even a glance at the lines?

After we bought our Newport 30 sailboat, I made sure the fresh water holding tank was squeeky clean.  If you’d be interested how I did that you might want to read this post.  My germ aware brain was feeling much better about the fresh water I was going to cook with and give my family to drink.  At least until I looked under the port settee at the water lines.

Imagine my surprise.  They didn’t look like the new clear clean line in the marine store, they looked…well, rather black and brown.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that there was a lovely build up (algae?) all through the lines.

We measured the distance from the holding tank to the pressure pump and water heater, added a fudge factor to it and I promptly nagged the dock ape idiot to the local marine store.  We returned a short time later with nice clean new line for the boat.

I was afraid it would take a long time to change the lines but it was a quick fix.  We drained the holding tank and removed the clamps on the old lines, working one line at a time.  We just pulled the old lines out, he pulled and I watched to see just where they fed through.  We then shoved the new lines throught the same paths.  The only problem we could see was with the line running under the stove, so we taped the old to the new line together and fed it through.

We re-clamped the new hose using the old clamps and before long we had nice clean hose for the drinking water.  Once we filled the holding tank we checked each clamp connection for leaks and tightened as needed.

It wasn’t expensive to replace the line and I don’t have to worry about us getting sick.  So…when was the last time you gave your water lines an eyeball?  When you recommission this spring, shine your flashlight over the fresh water lines.  You might find it’s time to update your lines.

Replacing the fresh water lines in your boat is quick, easy and not overly expensive.  Take a moment to look and see how yours are holding up.  You might be surprised at what you see.

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