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It doesn’t matter if you’ve a power yacht, wakeboard boat or sailboat, if you enjoy recreational boating then you are probably aware of what’s happening to the waterfront properties around the country. Congress is looking at H.R. 3223 the “Keep our Waterfronts Working Act”. It will provide federal money to the Great Lakes states and the coastal areas to help preserve and expand water access for recreational boat marinas, launch ramps, repair yards as well as other water based businesses.

I’d like to urge you to contact your Congressional representative and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 3223.

You can click here to read the bill.

Don’t know who to contact? Click here.

Don’t know what to say? Just copy and paste this to your email…you have to fill in their name.


As you may know the land values for waterfront property in the last few years have created a crisis for recreational boating. Public slips are giving way to residential developments, working boatyards are being taxed at very high rates and permit issues are running up costs and delaying any new marinas plus public launching ramps are in short supply and often need updating.

I’d like to ask you to support H.R. 3223, the Keep Our Waterfronts Working Act introduced in Congress, July 2007. Its aim is to preserve sites for waterfront dependent commercial activities. It’s common-sense legislation.

Thank You,

Then just add your name and send it off. HR 3223 is an important issue for all of us. We need to stay up on this stuff or before we know it we may just find ourselves up a creek with no place to paddle!

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