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Well all know the USCG wants us to use a VHF radio in an emergency when we’re boating.  It does a couple of things, 1-it gets us to the coast guard straight away and 2-it allows other boaters in the area to be aware of the problem and maybe give them the opportunity to be a hero by coming to our rescue.  Plus, I understand the USCG can track back on the radio to find us.

However, what do you do when you’re out on the big blue carrying only a sat-phone or your buddy’s boat and only your cell?  Well you’d best have a copy of the USCG rescue coordination center phone numbers.  I’ll give you the link below. 

Boats are often wet and a printed out page is going to get ruined before long and probably just when you need it the most.  So, I’m going to tell you a cheap little secret for keeping this important page dry.  Go down to your favorite store with kitchen supplies.  Buy a roll of clear shelf liner, the self sticking kind.  Then roll out the liner so you have a bit more than two times the length of your printed page.  So an 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper would need a piece of clear shelf lining about 26 inches long.  Carefully peel the paper backing away from liner and lay the printed page on the sticky side about 1 inch from the beginning edge.  Smooth the page with your hands.  Then remove the remaining paper covering from the liner and carefully fold the liner over the page.  Smooth the liner over the printed page and press firmly on the border of liner around the page.  You now have a paper inside a clear water proof wrap.  If you’d like, you can trim most of the excess off the liner around the paper.  Just be sure to leave like a half inch all the way around the paper.

This will keep your important phone numbers dry and might make the difference between getting help or not at some point in time.  So, here’s the link to the USCG rescue center.  Stay safe, have fun! 

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