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We have a handheld GPS for our sailboat and use it along with charts when we cruise the Columbia River.  We have found this little piece of equipment very helpful but also frustrating.  This year while at the Seattle Boat Show we talked with Mike about his RAM Mounts and I think he’s the solution to our problem.

We have installed a holder for our GPS but it had to be placed by the companionway door and that makes it’s too far from the helm to be of use.  Thus, one of us has to constantly ‘man the GPS’.  Of course the helmsman gets upset because they want to see it.  So last summer we began putting it in a cup holder near the helm.  Mike kinda smiled as we explained what we’ve been doing.  You know the drill, bend down and pick up the GPS (eyes off the water) correct your heading because you veered while bending down and then if you’re over the hill, you squint at the screen.

Thus we completely rubber necked Mike’s booth for RAM Mounts as we were walking past.  The first thing that attracted my attention was the RAM big screen magnifier mount.  This little baby sits over the screen and pops the chart right out there for these, “Dang, I’m getting old eyes.”  What a difference it made!

GPS holder 

This one was mounted by suction cup but while talking with Mike, he showed us a better way to mount our handheld GPS right there at the helm using a special clamp which RAM produces that fits around the rail.  The position of the GPS is swiveled on the ball shaped mount for better viewing.  We were pretty excited about this, as it means we could have the GPS mounted right at the helm plus magnified for our old eyes.  This system is easy to install and you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

If you’re looking for a better way to place your GPS, check out RAM Mounts, you can click here to visit their site.  Please, tell them we sent you!  If you use their systems please leave a comment below.  Thanks.

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