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The Seattle Boat Show 2008 was filled with amazing products and if like us you dream of casting off the dock line and sailing away, you’re probably looking for all sorts of equipment; safety equipment in particular.  I found the Scanmar SOS Rudder for sailboats and I was quite impressed with.

Emergency Rudder Several years ago, I saw one sailboat that lost its steering cable and had to spend a few weeks on the hook in a very nasty and lumpy tropical location while waiting for a replacement cable to arrive.  They were lucky in that they had just dropped the hook when the cable broke but had they been out on the big blue they’d have really been in a world of hurt as they had no emergency tiller and no windvane.

The Scanmar SOS Rudder is for the cruising skipper without a windvane or a racing sailor with race rules to meet.  This rudder is designed to handle boats up to 50 ft. LOA.  In the event the skipper become incapacitated the first mate should be able to lift the 35 lbs of average weight.  Stowage is premium real estate on any boat, as we all know and I was happy with the size the storage bag needs, 48″ x 18″ x 6″.

Emergency rudder install 

All parts are easy to stow below deck with the exception of four small brackets that you mount permanently on the boat.  These units are not mass-produced and comes custom built for your boat.  This means you’re not left standing on the dock scratching your head, trying to figure out how to attach it to your boat.

I think this would make a great addition to the ‘gotta have’ list for those venturing over the horizon.  If you’d like more information about this product you can visit their website by clicking here, please tell them we sent you.

You never know if or when Neptune will claim your sailboat’s rudder.  The Scanmar SOS Rudder would be a welcome addition to help insure the safety of not just your boat but your family as well.

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