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As most of you know I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the US Coast Guard and all they do for us.  I’ve often wondered how they manage to cover such a large area and keep us safe, after all they do far more than just haul our stupid butts out of the trouble we get into.

The Pacific Northwest is the 13th district for the USCG and to my way of thinking that’s a pretty big area, they cover Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana plus they back up to British Columbia which mean they have to work hand in hand to keep us all safe.

There is a wonderful video interview of Lt. Cdr. Andre Billeaudeaux over at Coast Guard News  where he talks about a program he began in the 90’s that asks those near the water to help out by being the eyes and ears of the USCG.  It’s a wonderful way for all of us to help them help us.  I think it’s a great program and I can see how much the CG values those who participate.

I remember years ago in our first boat, a small little power boat that we took crabbing over at Newport.  The weather turned while we were out and suddenly the USCG was in the bay.  The water churned up and beat over our bow and blew along the canvas cover over the top of the boat.  We made several passes at the last crab pot still down and I told my hubby once I noticed the USCG that if we didn’t get it on the next pass we’d just have to leave it down.

We did manage to snag the pot on that last pass and we did enjoy the crab dinner later.  However, I have to say that in that really small boat the bay was pretty scary and while I didn’t need any help, it was a comfort to just see the Coast Guard vessels in the area.  It also helped reinforce the need to get off the water.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are within a couple of blocks of a body of water you might like to consider joining the citizen involvement program.  If you do please tell them we sent you.  Working together we can help each other and help keep our country safer.  You can view the interview by clicking here.  Thanks for visiting and if you are a member of the program please consider leaving your thoughts about the program by commenting.

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