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Winter is a time that damages many sailboats and power boats.  Obviously, some of that damage can be prevented and it’s up to us as ‘Captain’ to do our part to protect our boats.

Many of us here in the Pacific Northwest region have been winterizing engines, water lines, galleys and storing watersports gear for the past month or so.  If your boat stays in the water then you know how important prevention can be.

I read a story recently that quoted a national insurance company in regards to the most common problems that damage boats in the winter.  I was quite surprised by one of the items listed.

Let me ask you…when did you last look (really look) at your dock lines?  Did you know that lines breaking during high winds and strong currents ranks high in insurance claims?  Each year the US Coast Guard has to play fetch and retrieve for those who’ve let their lines age.

Our dock lines are two years old, I thought they’d be in great shape.  Imagine my surprise to find on a recent trip to Whisper that one snubber had broken in half and that we have signs of chaff.  We ‘super sized’ our lines and snubbers so we’ve have extra protection.  Now, we’ve replace the snubber with a new one and have protected the chaff areas, although whether we’ve done a good job there is yet to be seen.  I think next year we’ll be replacing the dock lines.  The chaff on our lines isn’t much right now, just a small amount of fluff in one area.

So take a look at your lines.  I know that sounds like a silly thing to talk about here but after seeing ours and walking the docks and looking at other boats, I’ve got to say…check your lines.  Just consider this a friendly reminder.

If anyone has ideas for chaff guards please feel free to leave your advice below.  Everyone will appreciate it.  Please, remember to subscribe if you haven’t yet.  Thanks!

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