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Right now fall is hard upon us and while the trees are beautiful, the air has a definate feel of winter to it.  My family finds great comfort onboard with a steaming cup of soup to warm the hands and tummy.

1 Tab. oil

2 C chopped onion

2 large ribs of celery, cut in half lenght wise and then chop.

2 large carrots, cut into quarters and then diced

2 large potaotes, diced

8 C water, vegi, or chicken stock

1 pound of split peas, be sure to check for rock!  Rinse them.

1 pound of smoked ham, pork butt or hocks (if you use ham/pork butt then cut into bite size cubes.)

2 big bay leaves

1 tea salt and pepper

1 tea thyme, if you’ve got it.

A dash of hot sauce…if you like it…we love it!

Heat the oil in the cooker and add everything except the thyme.  Lock the lid in place and bring to high (15 pound) of pressure.

Cook for 10 minutes and let pressure drop on its own.  Remove lid and remove bay leaves and add thyme, stir well.  Some of the peas may settle to the bottom so be sure to stir the pot really good.

Taste and adjust the salt and pepper.  Serve in steaming cups or big bowls with buttered bread.

 If it gets too thick you can thin with a bit more water or stock.  This is wonderful food when stuck in the fog…sip the soup…ring the bell…

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