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Caribbean cooking is filled with wonderful flavors that are unique to that gorgeous area.  This is a yummy sweet treat that can be found on nearly every island.  The name varies from place and cook but the idea is the same.


3 C cornmeal

¼ C flour

1C sugar

½ C coconut, grated

1 ½ t. allspice

1 ½ t cinnamon

1 t salt

1 ½ T molasses

2 T vanilla

2 ½ C coconut milk


Mix the first 7 ingredients together in a bowl.  In a separate bowl mix the remaining ingredients.  Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and stir until mixed.  Don’t over work the batter.


You have two options for cooking this.


Option one (not traditional):


Coat muffin tin with cooking spray and fill each cup with batter.  Place in a steamer basket and steam until cooked through.  My favorite way.


Option two:


Boil banana leaves until pliable (or you can use foil) put about ½ C mix into leaf/foil and fold up and around the mix, tie banana leaf with string.  Place in pan of boiling water, just enough to cover them and cook for about 40 minutes.

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