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Do you dream of lounging in a hammock on your sailboat?  Does the thought of warm breezes, cool drinks and lazy days call to you?  I know it did me; I even bought the hammock.  I tied one end to the mast and the other on the Genoa clew on the roller furling.


It was such a pretty hammock with its multi-colored stripes as it gently floated and swayed in the breeze.  I crinkled my brow a bit as I looked at the hammock…it seemed just a tad bit…droopy.  I shrugged and carefully lowered myself into.  Drats!  I sat on the deck!  I looked at my hubby and said, “Hummm…I need a bigger sailboat!”


Of course that’s not happening anytime soon so I then set about making my hammock smaller.  Unfortunately I found I couldn’t and then I figured it couldn’t be all that hard to make a hammock.  Yeah, ok…so the old hippy in me started thinking macramé but I soon decided that wouldn’t work.  Then I stumbled on a great idea!


You know me, old boat/old stuff…so off to the Goodwill I went in search of a nice comfortable sheet.  I found a fabulous flannel queen sized sheet with eyelet trim and two pillowcases for under $5.00.  I took them home and washed them up and then pulled out my sewing machine.


I folded the top and bottom of the sheet over by about 2 ½ -inches and made a ‘case-ing’.  If you’re familiar with sewing you know what I’m talking about.  If you’re not familiar with sewing then this means I folded the sheet over on itself.  Casing for rope


I then took some heavy-duty thread and sewed straight along the edge of the folded over sheet to make a long tube.  I sewed this straight line three times, pretty much one on top of the other.  Oh, be sure to make the machine reverse at the beginning and end of each line of sewing so the stitches stay put and don’t start to unravel.


Once that was done I took my rope, made a loop in the end (cheap dock line from local big box store works great and has a loop on one end!) and using a huge crochet hook, hooked the loop and fed the entire thing through the ‘case-ing’ or tunnel.  I then dropped the hook, put the two ends of the rope together and pushed both sides the sheet all the way down the rope to the middle, thus mushing it together.  (The pillowcase makes a great duffle bag for storage and if it or the hammock gets dirty, I just toss in the washer.)


Then all you have to do is attach the rope to the boat and it’s boat drinks and naps!  If you get too much sun you can pull the sides over you, ditto if it gets a bit chilly.  I can’t tell you how incredibly comfortable this thing is!  Even our Chihuahua likes it.  The queen size is great for the area between the roller furling and the mast and my big guy hubby has had no problems with it holding him. 

Hammock Relaxing



When you’re ready to use it you sit in the middle with both feet on the same side and pull the far side up and away from you and lay back diagonally, then spread the other side up and out and bring your legs into the hammock.  It’s a bit weird at first but before long you’ll get the hang of it (pun intended).  Don’t be surprised when people stop and ask you where you got your hammock…everyone seems to want one!

 Oh yeah, if you’re using the iron genny (engine), hang the hammock, you won’t believe how great it is!  Weather and Neptune permitting….

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