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We are like most boaters, always wishing we could get just a bit farther around that narrow bend in the river or lake.  Maybe you too have wished you could glide along that inlet shaded by trees and enlivened by the birds as they sing.  We recently discovered a wonderful addition to out boating equipment, an inflatable kayak.  Inflatable kayaks

We bought a one person inflatable from a local marine store while on sale.  Initially we bought it for our daughter to entertain herself with while we’re cruising the Columbia River on our sailboat.  Deflated it folds up to about 29” x 18” x 5” and stores in a nice duffle bag with wide handles and there’s also has a shoulder strap.  It’s easy to store and it’s light enough that I can lift it with one hand.  These are great for travelers as they meet (at time of post) the airline weight capacity limits for check-in, so you can explore and have fun on any local waters.

Taking the dog to shore is easy!

It has high flow, one-way military style valves which allows for rapid inflation and deflation.  It comes with a foot pump for blowing it up (we tried it and it took us about 10 minutes to inflate).  We use a 12-volt blower for all our inflatables and that means it only takes a couple minutes to inflate, plus the blower can be reversed so we can deflate quickly and efficiently.  Which means we get a much tighter pack when we’re ready to store it.


While the tracking and performance isn’t the same as a hard-shell kayak, the tracking fin and skid plate improves this inflatable’s performance.  I have had an easy time maneuvering through the water and have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with it.  The seat has a high back and is quite comfortable plus I find I really like the mesh pocket for my water bottle.  Our paddle fits nicely on the side and the Velcro type straps hold it neatly in place.  Molded rubber handles make bringing it aboard easy and give us a nice place to tie a line to secure to our boat while on the hook.

Explore the world around you

These inflatable kayaks come in single person or double and we are now thinking we need a second one (for two people) as the entire family is enjoying this little water toy.  They make taking the dog to shore easy and are a blast for getting off on your own.  If you’re looking for a fun little kayak with a river rating of Class III then this might just be the one. 

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