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Do you ever find yourself looking for a quick way to make lunch but have a crew that can’t decide on what they want?  Then maybe this will work for you too.


Sandwich meat, ham, turkey, bologna, etc. Left over thin sliced tri tip steak b-b-q is great or that wonderful fish you had last night! Any combo…


Sliced onions, cut in half  and sliced so you have long strips, red or your favorite type


Grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced in half or just sliced tomaotes (I find the small grape or cherry types drip less)


Your favorite cheese sliced in 1-1 ½ inch wide pieces we like havarti with dill sometimes it’s a variety of cheeses


Small bag (or big if you’re going for a long time) salad greens or lettuce torn into small chunks


Guacamole or sliced avacado if you like


Sliced into thin strips, yellow, red, orange or green bell pepper




Olives (sliced, no pits)


And then one saved ‘squeeze’ type bottle for mayo/mustard.  I buy a bottle of Dijon mustard/mayo mix and then use it over and over through the season.  I just refill with my own Dijon mustard and mayo and shake well.

Mayo and Mustard Mix


A bunch of burrito sized tortillas, one per person.


Take one tortilla and squeeze bottle of mayo/mustard mix to ziz-zag over the surface, you can spread it around if you’d like or not if in a hurry.


 Layered Fillings

Then in the middle of the tortilla start laying your ingredients as per eaters choice.  Once you have layered your ingredients one on top of the other, ending with greens (always do ‘flat’ stuff first followed by ‘fluffy’) fold one side of the tortilla over almost in half and then slide it back over the filling until everything is slightly compact.

First Wrap


 Fold the bottom up about one-eighths of the way up and finish rolling up the side. 

            Bottom Fold

 All wrapped up and ready to eat!






Now you have a sandwich burrito style.  You don’t have to cut it, wrap it and best of all there’s nothing to throw away as you eat the whole thing.  It doesn’t dry out and it doesn’t get mushy like bread does.


We eat a bunch of these over the boating season and friends have begun making them too.  Everyone gets what they like on their custom made lunch so the galley goddess gets the praises!  Yes, they can be made ahead and wrapped up for later.  Having guests?  Make these ahead of time and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.  As guest arrive, slice into 1/2 inch to one inch slices and serve with your best “sundowners”.


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