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As you know boat ramps are a favorite place of mine to observe the habits of other boaters and this last trip out on the water was no exception.  I must say I felt some of you who’ve been reading this blog (I’m surprised by how many of you are visiting, thanks!) have been paying attention to the importance of not being part of the circus or doing the boat dock cha-cha-cha.


I saw more women taking the boats off the trailers and then coming back in to pick up their men, great work ladies!  However, I did have an occasion to watch a wonderful rendition of the dock cha-cha-cha.


There they were…boat at the courtesy dock…lady holding the tower to keep the boat next to the dock…boat wakes rocking and rolling through the area…cha-cha-cha…  Then came the rest of the group.  You remember the circus act where the small car pulls up and tons of clowns begin piling out of that little bitsy thing?  Well this group left their car up (way up as the water was really low) in the parking lot and began to make numerous trips to the boat; all they needed were the clown costumes.


I only had time to watch for about fifteen minutes but they were really entertaining.  I am starting to think I need to have a category for boat basics.  Somehow it seems odd to watch a group of adults haul every item for the day on the boat, down the ramp to the boat.  Coolers, bags, towels, life vests and everything else came down the ramp and were piled into the boat.  They were still bringing it as we were pulling out of the lake.


We load everything in the boat (the wakeboard boat) except the people before we leave to put the boat in the water.  Actually, there are lots of things that live on the boat.   The drink cooler goes in and then we stock it and pour ice over it.  The soft food cooler and snack bag gets loaded, too.  Towels are always on the boat as we have ‘boat towels’ you know the beat to crap, wouldn’t want in the bathroom but don’t want to throw out towels?


Don’t get me wrong we also have some nice thick fluffy ones for lying over the seats to keep from burning our biscuits.  We also have all vests, skier down flag, tow ropes, wakeboards, sky skies, sunscreen, hats, drink holders, music, motor oil, seat cleaners, rags, wakeboard slime, tools, money and a plethora of other ‘might need this’ things on the boat.


Once we’re at the ramp, everyone gets into the boat and my hubby backs us down to the water.  I back off the trailer, move out on the water and wait for him to come down, pick him up and off we go.  When were done for the day I drop him off, he backs the trailer down and I load the boat on the trailer, everyone stays in the boat until we’re in the parking lot.  Once there we stash everything under the seats or into the cubbies except the coolers; which are heavy enough to withstand the wind and we all pile out of the boat and into the car.


Once back to our place we drag the garbage can over to the boat, toss out the junk, refill the drink cooler (new ice in the morning) and take the food inside until tomorrow.  Towels get laid out to dry as does the vests and board shorts.  We give the windows get a quick cleaning and check the oil level.  Done…time for boat drinks!


I hope someone tells that poor family that it would be a lot easier on them all if they loaded the boat before they put it in the water.  Even if you have family or friends meeting you, you could wait and load all their stuff before hitting the water…unless of course, you like the dock cha-cha-cha….

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